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Our Commitment

Stemform has found a way to isolate the small number of ASCs or adipose derived stem cells found in a patient’s adipose tissue (i.e. fat) and subsequently expand it in a laboratory in a safe and efficient manner to boost the number of stem cells.

This allows us to increase the concentration of patient’s own ASCs to fat significantly compared to conventional and cell assisted lipofilling.

Where conventional lipofilling contains 5,000-10,000 ASCs per ml of fat and cell assisted lipofilling offering slightly higher concentration, Stemform aims for a concentration that is minimum 20 million ASCs per ml fat for our range of cosmetic treatments.

This ensures a reliable fat graft when mixed with patient’s own freshly harvested adipose tissue as per Stemform procedures. Thus, patient’s receiving the Stemform treatment can get a predictable and natural aesthetic result, whether it is breast augmentations, facial filling/rejuvenation or wrinkle reduction treatment. This provides patients with a reliable and permanent natural alternative to temporary and artificial/synthetic solutions like breast implants and various hyaluronic acid facial fillers and toxins. Regardless of Stemform treatment, patients receive a minor liposuction on day 0 under local anesthesia at one of our certified customer’s clinics or hospitals.

The patient’s lipoaspirate will then be transported under sterile conditions to the closest Stemform laboratory – clean room – for further processing in a closed sterile system.

In the Stemform laboratory, approved and regulated by the appropriate authorities, the ASCs are isolated and expanded under optimum conditions for cell proliferation to happen safely and in controlled conditions.

Depending on the procedure agreed between the patient and doctor, the final harvesting of the ASCs happen between day 14-21. The cells are then packaged in a sterile container and shipped back to the agreed surgical facility, where the actual procedure will take place in line with the patient/doctor agreement.

Treatment Types

Stemform currently offers breast augmentations through our certified partners, which produce superior results compared to artificial solutions or conventional lipofilling.

Stemform is finalizing a facial protocol and expect to be offering a range of revolutionary facial treatments commercially in 2018. Stemform is furthermore undertaking exciting R&D programs to contribute solutions to address other aesthetic needs and desires in the near future.

Our way

Stemform is committed to finding natural solutions for all aesthetic desires and needs, and to do so in a safe and controlled manner.

Furthermore, Stemform is committed to find ways to push the prices down for our treatments to reach a greater number of patients. This will happen through increased bargaining power towards suppliers as well as through optimizing production without compromising safety.

Safety remains our number one priority! We take our customers’ and patients’ needs and wellbeing seriously, and will not offer any treatments, which we do not believe are safe and produce superior results to existing treatments.

We pride ourselves with treating all customers, patients, employees, suppliers and others with honesty, integrity, and respect, and work hard to satisfy and live up to the expectations every day.

Therefore, we only work with the best surgeons and hospitals that live up to these simple, but important principles. We believe this shall ultimately earn the trust of our stakeholders and produce satisfied patients.